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Costume Characters
Fun Entertainment that will give your event that little extra spark to make it a memorable one.  Lots of different characters to choose from
If at any point you just can't find what you're looking for, please keep in mind
that what you see on our site is only a small percent of what we actually handle.
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Ask Us About Our On-Site Photo Printing
And Costume Character Combo!
On the day of your party your child can look forward to having their very own mini studio set up in their home or a location of your choice!  We will provide everything your child and their friends will need to have a great time creating their very own photo shoot, making them feel like little stars for a day!   To learn more Click Here

Can Includes
-One free photo for each guest printed on the spot at your event
-Customized card frames with your event message
-All photos saved on DVD for you to keep.