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Would you like to learn how to reduce your own anxiety, stress, worries, and pain? Would you like to improve your concentration, focus, and motivation? If so, self-hypnosis workshops are for you.

About the Workshops
Our hypnosis workshops are meant to be both informative and practical. It is meant for people who really want to learn how to help themselves. Class members participate as they feel appropriate. It will be held with the intention of creating a safe and creative atmosphere where all questions are welcome and where people can engage in authentic and sincere ways. 

Few people are ever taught how to relax and how to focus their minds. Relaxation and concentration are not taught in schools, so most people never learn how to relax and focus.

Possible Benefits From Taking Our Workshop

  • Calm yourself before medical exams and operations
  • Relax yourself when getting dental work done
  • Stay organized while giving a speech
  • Facilitate the childbirth process
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Reduce your fears
  • Break habits
  • Lose weight
  • Keep resolutions
  • Think positively
  • Feel happier

About Our Instructor
Instructor Adolfo B. has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and is also a corporate stage hypnotist who has performed all over the World.  With thousands of variety shows to his credit Adolfo B. has the experience, enthusiasm, and proven professionalism to make our classes a smooth running, memorable success! 

To learn more about Adolfo B. visit www.TorontoHypnotist.Com

Next Available Workshop Dates
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