Master Of Illusion And Levitation
King's Magic Entertainment
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Markham, ON, L3S 3Z2
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To Inquire about Booking this artist! Click Here
To Inquire about Booking this artist! Click Here
"Magic Mystery Tour" - the exciting and intriguing trip into the world of magic, music and beauty.  Unxplained by science phenomena that are taking place in front of the eyes of the observers:

- Transformations
- Disappearances
- Floating Solid Objects

These are only a few of the incredible sights that you can witness with your own eyes.  All of that evoks excitement and unforgettable impressions in the audience.

Vladimir's skill received good reviews from the famous illusionists of the show-Town - Las Vegas with whom he keeps up both business and friendly relationships.

Whether it is for a corporate event, delivering a tailored message for a Trade Show or Product Launch, a Private Party, a Wedding, a Club or a Restaurant,
Hire Vladimir Master Of Illusion & Levitation and make a memorable Impact on your event.

Also Available: 15 minute solo act,
or close-up magic and strolling
presentations, Vladimir can do it all.

Vladimir's Grand Illusion show has
been designed as a rapid paced
highly polished acts. Vladimirr's
show has a mix of slight of hand,
illusions, and lots of levitations
guaranteeing to put the ultimate
WOW FACTOR into your event !

You can book Vladimir's Show
show for small private events to
Big Corporate Events,
Product Launches,Conferences,
large functions,Clubs,big parties
or any other big or small event
in Canada, USA, or Internationally.