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A casino event is a stylish attraction for a unique evening or afternoon. Whether a corporate or private event a Casino evening is a festive way of enhancing your staff party, anniversary party, cocktail party, house party or for concluding gatherings such as company conferences. Casino Rental Services will create the atmosphere and experience of a real casino. Your guests can participate in the excitement of playing in a real casino - but without the risk of losing any actual money. Giving prizes to those winning the most by the end of the function will further add to the appeal, leaving your guests with fond memories of a great party!

Casino Party Playing Option

Your guests are given a quantity of fun money, which they exchange at the table of their choice. At the end of play chips are exchanged back into fun money and the winner or winners are declared !!!
Prizes can be awarded to as many players as you choose, allowing you to budget the evening without fear of someone 'breaking the bank".
Everyone has the chance to win the big prize depending on luck and their skill at the tables. Play can involve individuals or can be team based as part of the
evening's entertainment.

Casino Staffing

Our casino rental services can be accompanied by casino dealers, pit bosses and tournament managers. Ask us how to combine your rentals with additional party services from DJs, entertainers, and audio and visual services and much more.

To Inquire about our Casino Rentals Click Here

To Inquire about our Casino Rentals Click Here
Casino Party
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