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Toronto Murder Mystery Show For Parties And All Special Events Serving Toronto Murder Mystery Shows Toronto, Ontario, And Area

Our resident police officer, Sunny Buns, summons all his suspects (your party guests) to the scene of the crime at your event to see who can figure out whodunit?
Up to eight of your guests become actors and ‘suspects’ as they attempt to solve (or hide!) the identity of a murderer.

We provide full character descriptions, props, evidence, costume suggestions, ballots, nametags, programs, prizes, and of course, hilarious interactions with your party guests for an entire evening of entertainment.

You supply the dinner party location, and then sit back and watch the fun unfold as your guests arrive and are met by our professional performers, who will mingle with them and start the evening of mystery, laughs, and playful plot twists.

From corporate retreats to birthday parties, your event is sure to bring suspense and laughter to your guests.

You provide the venue and the meal, we provide the show.

We incorporate guests into the show and after each scene the guests are invited to question the suspects.  Of course, the suspects are under no obligation to tell the truth!  

Client To Provide

Murder Mystery Prep - Prior to the event a few things need to be arranged.

What the client needs to provide:
Choose 8 people to play characters for the show
Venue is needed. Able to provide for your number of guests plus an area to represent a stage, so everyone can see. Usually seating is recommended for everyone.
An outline of your event. If food is being served, we will need to know the number of courses or if it’s a buffet.
Show Info Sheet returned (will be done through email)

What We Provide

Character Information Sheets. These are a one-page guide for each character. It contains costume suggestions, general character information/knowledge and any special instructions.
Please note: only each character should read this information and should not be shared with anyone else.
Voting Ballots to all audience members
All murder mystery evidence provided at event.
2 actors to run the mystery and help characters throughout the event
Show Info Sheet (contains general details of your event)

Itinerary And Show Flow (SAMPLE)

Noon -- Meeting with Client to work out linguistics
12:30 pm -- Guests arrive for reception. Show begins. Guests & characters mingle
12:40 pm -- Trophy Presentation (Murder Mystery revealed)
12:45 pm -- Buffet served
1 pm (once everyone has gone through buffet once) -- Detective's first
round of questioning
1:45 pm -- Short Break (for restroom and/or drink refreshed)
1:55 pm -- Detective's second round of questioning Call for Ballots
2:40 pm -- Short Break (for restroom and/or drink refreshed)
2:50 pm  -- Summation and prize
3:00 (approx.) -- End of Show

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