A snapshot of your relationship and an endearing testament to this special time in both of your lives. - Establishing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of
your wedding photos and video.  We will spend up to 2 Hours with couples listening to them, having fun with them, getting to know them.

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Engagement | Audrey + Steve

Engagement photo and video taken at Edwards Gardens is a botanical garden located on the southwest corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue East in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Unionville Main Street
Engagement | Carolyn + Rejean

Engagement photo shoot took place at Unionville Main Street. The historic Main Street Unionville attracts thousands of visitors each year. A pleasure to work with such a great couple.

Lynde Shores Conservation
Engagement | Maria + Sean

Established in 1972, the 272-hectare Lynde Shores Conservation Area is an amazing place.  Our first shoot was cut short because of weather at Richmond Green so we decided to do a re-shoot and suggested Lynde Shores. 2nd time around the weather was on our side.  It was a fun and exciting day shooting both photography and video.

The Distillery Historic District
Engagement | Karina + Andrew

We decided to go to the The Distillery District is a historic and entertainment precinct located east of Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  What a nice  couple.

Unionville Main Street
Engagement | Myra + Kenneth

Engagement photo shoot took place at Unionville Main Street. This couple are all around super-nice and had some great smiles.  This was a great opportunity to work with the couple before their wedding.

Steam Whistle Brewing
Engagement | Joanna + Emerson

Engagement photo shoot took place at Steam Whistle Brewing (Is a brewery in Toronto).  Perfect weather and a pleasure to work with such a wonderful couple.

Bruce's Mill Conservation Area
Engagement | Effie + Marco

Bruce's Mill takes its name from a restored water-powered mill located in the conservation area, on a tributary of the Rouge River. Bruce's Mills 3291 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville